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KangHan-na-I(강한나),Lisa(리사),JeonE-nok(전에녹) (著) 12984万字 18094人读过 连载中

Living with my friend and his wife! The three of us!  Ji-soo and Joon-yeong have been married for 5 years. Unlike the first few years of marriage, Joon-yeong is terrified at the sound of Ji-soo taking a shower. However, Ji-soo advances on Joon-yeong more and more because she wants to have children. Meanwhile, Ji-soo"s best friend Yoon-kyeong comes back from the Philippines and spends a few days with the couple. Joon-yeong feels his manhood reacting when he see"s the young-looking and sexy friend of his wife"s...

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